President’s statement

ROELMI HPC aims to improve the quality of life relating to science and environment preservation. The strategic vision of a sustainable business model allows us to operate both in the economic and ethical fields.
Undertaking this path, required us to fulfill a strategic and operative program designed to bring success without forgetting the environment and ethical sustainability.
We know that we’ve got a long way to go, but we believe that daily commitment will make a visible difference.


We are targeting to be the global expert for functional and active ingredients in the personal care market.


We are aware that everyday actions, even though the tiny one, will help the environment and will make the difference.

Sustainability is not a philosophical concept for us, but the basis for every development and every activity.
We deal with daily challenges like Competitiveness, legislative pressures, and technological trends with an eye open to a more sustainable future.

New challenges

We aim to be flexible and responsive while supporting all the needs of our customers.
Thanks to this approach, we can considerably reduce the time-to-market for our product launches.

Our skills in ingredients development are at the back and call of personalization and innovation.
The use of pioneering methods allow us to pursue a revolutionary approach to the R&D; with a deep analysis of the production chain, we are able to pursue green principles and to be part of the plans for the circular economy.