The constant link between global markets and the growing awareness of consumers makes the sustainability topic a theme in constant development. The economic growth must cope with the duality between natural resources and their renewal speed. The over-exploitation of natural resources will have a negative impact on future generations and for this reason, we need to redesign our economic models and make them more compatible with the pace of regeneration of the planet’s natural resources.

Sustainable development is the most powerful and influential source for economical markets.

The ambitious challenge of the project is the creation of a structure able to focus on the main drivers of sustainability. Being, at the same time, enough flexible to be addressed to different sector profiles.

We are approaching the future through innovation with a deep commitment to protecting the fundamental values of People and Nature in the production of our ingredients.
We care about environmental impact coming from our productions and, therefore, we select strategical partners aligned with our philosophy able to adopt eco-sustainable processes and use of renewable raw materials.
Our final goal is to maintain high standards for quality and efficacy.

President’s statement