Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Goal 1

To put an end to every kind of poverty.

Goal 2

Stop the plague of hunger, reach food safety, improve nutrition and sustainable agriculture.

Goal 3

To ensure health and wellness for all.
Safe and performing ingredients for the user’s health and beauty.

Goal 4

To provide quality education, equal and inclusive, giving everyone the same learning opportunities.

Goal 5

Reach gender equality emancipating the female universe.
Team of work where the women represent more than 50% and many of them holding managerial positions.

Goal 6

To guarantee the water availability and sustainable management of sanitary facilities.

Goal 7

Ensure everyone with access to economical, safe, sustainable and innovative energy systems.

Goal 8

To promote economic, stable, sustainable and inclusive growth, productive and full employment and a respectable job for all.
Comfortable and safe workplaces, competitive wages in line with market trends and contract regulation.

Goal 9

To build a resilient infrastructure promoting innovation and equal, responsible and sustainable industrialization.
Safe working environments and machinery/work tools that are constantly updated in their characteristics to improve the production process while maintaining a high level of safety.

Goal 10

Reduce the internal disparities and inequalities between nations.

Goal 11

To make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, stable and sustainable.

Goal 12

To guarantee sustainable production and consumption patterns.
Avoid waste of materials and energy.

Goal 13

To adopt urgent measures to fight climate changes and their consequences.
Use of Hybrid car to limit pollution, solar panel installation for the hot water production, abolition or restriction – whenever possible – of plastic materials, replacing them with biodegradable alternatives.

Goal 14

To preserve and use durably the oceans, the seas and marine resources for sustainable development.
A strong innovation considering entirely biodegradable materials.

Goal 15

To protect, restore and promote sustainable usage of the ecosystem; to handle the forests sustainably and prevent desertification to stop the land degradation that is driving to a loss of biodiversity.
Reduce actions that can increase pollution and damage the ecosystem – usage of agro-industrial biomasses, otherwise treated as waste.

Goal 16

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for more sustainable development; make justice accessible for all creating effective and responsible organisms at all levels.

Goal 17

Improve and renew global partnerships for sustainable development.
Partnership with government agencies and research centers for being constantly up-to-date on sustainability and environmental themes.