nip® Program

The program, as part of the company philosophy for over 20 years, arose for naming the work practices put in place inside the company.
NIP®, the acronym of ‘No impact in progress’ represents the daily commitment addressed to the environment and corporate social sustainability.
In the last few years, the program takes hold into the corporate context and is declined in every new enhancement for the R&D (and, when it is possible, in the employees’ working day).

While developing ingredients, we consider as a mandatory step the use of technologies that don’t have an impact on the environment in a negative way. The ambitious goal is to reduce the products environmental impact along their lifecycles; from the production to the carriage, passing through distributions, usage and, finally, disposal costs.

The logo includes a drop as a symbol of purity and clarity in the work practices. The green background identifies the protective embrace of the production cycle, while the open hand represents the care and support to the people in preserving nature.

No impact in progress is the approach to the evolution in sustainability flagged ROELMI HPC.
The program is characterized by a remarkable dynamicity since we believe that only the daily actions toward environmental preservation can lead to a durable result.

Nip bases its philosophy on three pillars driving innovation and development of active and functional ingredients for the health and personal care market.


The first step is related to environmental protection.
We advise the customers on the importance of choosing, whenever possible, eco-friendly ingredients able to ensure a lower energetic impact on production and disposal phases.

Innovation and efficacy

The second step is represented by innovationa nd efficacy.
We produce highly performant ingredients, recognized by their efficiency and the high technological level. These qualities are an added value for our customers and their specific market.


The last, but not the least, bedrock is people’s safety; it is a key component of our philosophy. Our ingredients are subjected to strict controls to guarantee consumer safety. We make a full dossier available for every product we launch on the market.